When one speaks of artificial intelligence, many will have already concluded that it is the replacement of humans by robots, but in this sense, that will not be the case. Voice activated assistance from our technological devices has become a norm not only with our mobile phones (Siri), but our GPS and even in our homes. The hotel industry has the same kind of technology which can be found in the form of an AI-powered hotel concierge. AI is becoming smarter, more useful and a real boost to the guest experience.

By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning through powerful data analytics platforms, the hospitality industry can create a better view of their customers while engaging them on a deeper level. Hotels use AI to go beyond just the customer experience level. By utilizing powerful, artificially intelligent software, hotels can capture information on customer purchases, location preferences, travel patterns, and customer experience inquiries. With the introduction of the Handy.Travel phones in Signature Lux Hotels – a first in Gauteng, we will be able to transform the guests’ travel experience.

Many hotels today offer smart controls to the customers once they arrive at the hotel which means that once the customer has the hotel’s mobile app they will be able to unlock their room and adjust room temperatures via their smartphone. Through your mobile device, chatbots can perform a wide range of tasks for you, from ordering your preferred meals, changing room temperature and lighting, suggesting sightseeing near your hotel and even hailing a cab for you. Chatbots are a virtual equivalent of interacting with a human customer service rep at the other end who is answering your queries and solving problems.

Handy.Travel phones will be available in guest rooms and offer the below features:


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