As we embrace the new year full of optimism and reoccurring new year resolutions like getting fit, losing weight and living life to the fullest, business goals will change, and business travels will commence. Millennials have been identified as the most frequent business travellers, as such travelling trends in 2018 will be largely influenced by the travel habits of this demographic. Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton is renowned for remaining current and tapping into trends associated with millennials and their travelling habits. Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton sums up the top four business travelling trends for 2018.

  1. Staying connected

Staying connected might be the most obvious travelling trend and one that continues to evolve as our dependence on technology escalates. The demand for in-flight WIFI and uncapped internet in hotels continues to rise. According to recent research, up to 75% of business travellers consider WIFI as an absolute necessity to being productive on a business trip. Many business travellers find unreliable WIFI the most frustrating thing while travelling even more so than the business trip itself. Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton provides all guests with their own in-room routers and uncapped WIFI allowing them to stay connected at all times.


  1. Going mobile while on the move

This is certainly not a new trend but is one that continues to evolve each year. More of us have become dependent on mobile devices to answer important emails, book flights or connect with loved ones as such, more people want to be able to do so while on the move. The increase in mobile usage is changing the way in which people travel for business. Mobile phones are now used for more than just browsing, travellers are using their mobiles to secure flight bookings and accommodation. In 2018 it will be imperative for hotel websites, travel booking sites and airlines to ensure their websites are mobile compatible as more people search and book travel arrangements through their mobile devices.


  1. Rise in technology

People travelling for business purposes are basing their decisions on where they stay or what airline they fly on the quality and availability WIFI. The personalisation of travel technology to support compliance with company favoured travel and meetings programmes will also shape future of business travels. Hotels such as Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton have incorporated AI technology to improve guest’s experiences. Guest staying at the hotel can use Handy Travel Phones to do everything from order room service to discovering the latest travel finds and city guides and making unlimited calls both locally and internationally, to ten pre-selected countries.

  1. Cutting the cost of business travels

While more people will be travelling for business purposes many companies are cost cutting and are only flying executives out for a day of meetings and having them return on the same day. Signature Lux Hotel, Sandton offers a competitive rate of R 850 a night.  Once ready to head home, guests are just a few steps away from the Gautrain station where they can enjoy a 15min commute straight to the airport avoiding any traffic or hassle.